BITPoint Japan infringement clarification report 2

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The latest update of BITPoint Japan (BPJ) infringement incident (took place at 11th Jul 2019 22:12) as below.

  1. According to the investigation, BPJ lost around 3.02 billion yen in the incident, including 2.06 billion yen of customer assets as well as 960 million of BPJ assets. (Applying to the FX rate on 11th Jul 2019 16:00 Tokyo time)
  2. Presently, BPJ is undergoing a deep investigation of the reasons by engaging the external expert. In the meantime, BPJ dedicates to the continuous operation. Therefore, BPJ set up the mechanism and strengthen the management to strictly avoid this kind of situation taking place.
  3. Part of BITPoint Overseas Exchanges had suffered illegal infringement as well. The total loss amount of all the oversea exchanges is preliminarily estimated at around 250 million yen and the details will be updated as soon as possible.

BITPoint is an exchange with legal license, regulated by Japan Financial Services Agency. Therefore, all the related-security incidents need to be reported to Japan Financial Services Agency with the corresponding measure. BITPoint Hong Kong will follow up with BITPoint Japan and clarify the situation as soon as possible.

※ Owing to the cooperation with Japan Financial Services Agency investigation, the transfer services of cryptocurrency on BITPoint is still suspended currently. Please do not transfer any cryptocurrency into your wallet address on BITPoint Hong Kong.

BITPoint Japan infringement clarification report 2

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